Community groups should apply for ‘local area hackney licence’

Public Transport Minister, Alan Kelly, has encouraged community groups in isolated areas to start applying for the newly introduced: ‘Local Area Hackney License’ or ‘Rural Hackney’ licence.

The licence, which is designed to facilitate low-cost entry into the taxi sector for isolated rural areas, will cost just €70 between the vehicle and drivers’ licence and will be introduced on a pilot basis.

Applications can now be made to the National Transport Authority (NTA) but areas or community groups seeking one will have to demonstrate a transport deficit for their area. An information note has been published on the website of the NTA (see link below).

Applicants for the license will be required to be sanctioned by a local business or community group and need to demonstrate that their area has a deficit of public transport and taxi services. This will require the approval of the local authority.

Minister Kelly, said it was crucial to come up with creative solutions to improve transport connections in rural areas.

The recommendation for a low-cost hackney license for rural areas came from the Government’s taxi regulation review.


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