Positive outlook for 2014

Michael Hanley, Chief Executive, Lakeland Dairies

Michael Hanley, Chief Executive, Lakeland Dairies

Lakeland Dairies’ Chief Executive Michael Hanley has said that the outlook for 2014 is positive as the dairy industry prepares for the abolition of milk quotas in April 2015.

“After the severe winter and spring fodder crisis we saw one of the best summers in history, excellent grass and milk production conditions and buoyant dairy markets,” he said.

“While economic circumstances are difficult on a global basis, the dairy industry is well placed for continuing export growth but this must be built on a platform of sustainable development for the future. Inevitably, there will be times of volatility and it is the most efficient and market orientated producers and processors who will best cope with that.

“Lakeland Dairies has very high levels of preparedness built into its operations. Our ongoing investments ensure that we can process a major increase in milk volumes. Our key food service and food ingredient customers have expressed their intention to source significantly more dairy products from Lakeland Dairies after the abolition of quota in 2015.”


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