No plans to demolish unfinished estates

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Cllr Sinead Guckian has expressed her concern over the lack of a proper fund or plan in place to deal with unfinished estates in Co Leitrim.

At the recent Council meeting, Cllr Guckian sought clarification on how many estates would be demolished in the county as part of the 40 estates highlighted nationally by Minister Jan O’Sullivan

She also asked how many unfinished estates in Leitrim are also included in the Minister’s Scheme for completion under the “Special Resolution Fund” and what happens, within the scheme, to an unfinished estate where a developer did not complete a submission for the fund and/or where there are no occupied units.

She was told the Council “is not aware of any fund designated to address the demolition of houses within unfinished estates”.

“There has been no further communication from the Department on this matter since that referenced in the Motion. Leitrim County Council has made nine applications to the Special Resolution Fund (SRF),” it was noted.

“Leitrim County Council committed significant effort in time and resources to maximise the potential of the SRF for the County with only limited co-operation from the relevant stakeholders in many of the estates targeted for inclusion in the scheme. The Council is awaiting the outcome of the assessment of the proposals put forward to the Department,” added the Director of Service.

Cllr Guckian said that “I, like many members of the public believed from the Ministers announcement and subsequent media reports, that there now was a plan in place to rectify the problem with unfinished estates and houses and that the Council were being given a mechanism to address this issue, it is quite clear from the reply received that this certainly is not the case.”

She also highlighted that from her research, it was evident that if a developer of an unfinished estate did not prepare or submit a proposal to the Council, a funding application to the Special Resolution Fund could not be progressed and the Council doesn’t have another mechanism available to them to address the situation where a developer was not engaging.

Cllr Guckian called on the Council to contact the Minister’s Department and request that a mechanism is put in place where developers are not engaging with the Council.


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