Reduced superlevy will mean refunds

Commenting on the reduction of the superlevy bill from €15m to €10.5m for the 2013/14 milk quota year, Pat McCormack, Deputy President of ICMSA, welcomed the new figures and went on to say that every effort must now be made to pay back the balance to those farmers from the original higher sum had been deducted as quickly as possible.

Mr McCormack reminded farmers that, under the Milk Quota Regulations, Co-ops are obliged to pay interest on fines collected during the year and the Deputy President observed that this could amount to sizable sums depending on monies withheld.

He said that ICMSA is aware of cases where farmers have had monies withheld from them for almost a year and the quicker the resolution of all accounts was progressed, the better it would be for all sides.

Turning to the current year, Mr McCormack noted that weather conditions in the first months of the quota year have been ideal for milk production and this – coupled with high prices and extra cows – account for figures showing the state 9% over-quota at the end of May.

“We urge farmers to monitor this very closely in conjunction with their Co-ops because many milk suppliers will not be able to survive a second superlevy in two years”, the ICMSA Deputy President told the Leitrim Observer this week.


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