200 lorry drivers transfer over to CEVA in Derrylin

An oil tanker bearing the logo

An oil tanker bearing the logo "Cassidy Oils" was rammed into the head office of the former Quinn Group (now known as the Aventas Group) and set alight overnight. The PSNI are investigating what seems to be a retaliation attack for the renaming of the group. Photo: Lorraine Teevan

This morning lorry drivers at the Aventas Group formerly Quinn Group, Derrylin were informed that they will transfer their employment over to CEVA Logistics.

The total number of employees involved is close to 200, they will “all” transfer to CEVA according to the Aventas Group. The paper has been informed that no job losses are expected.

The new CEVA base will be located on site at Derrylin and it is understood the move will bring “greater volume of work.”

A statement from Aventas to the Leitrim Observer read, “As previously indicated in November last, following a comprehensive tendering process, we have been working exclusively with CEVA Logistics to establish how we could combine our internal fleet and facilities with their infrastructure to make our logistics stronger and our business more competitive. We have now reached agreement with CEVA Logistics under which we propose to transfer our fleet and associated facilities to CEVA under an arrangement which we believe will enable us to be more competitive and at the same time will enhance the overall level of job security.

“This initiative will generate a number of benefits for the company including cost efficiencies through better utilisation of our transport fleet and facilities and the increased buying power of a much bigger transport company. For employees transferring to CEVA it opens up opportunities arising from a greater volume and variety of work as well as the greater number and variety of career opportunities which will come from being part of a much larger global business. CEVA will operate from a base on site in Derrylin which will ensure the continued contribution of these businesses to the local economy.”

The spokesperson explained, “The vast majority of our loads are full out and empty back in. One of the big attractions from a cost savings and cost efficiency point of view is that CEVA can generate those back loads which we cannot. Also they can generate additional two way work for the lorries and the drivers. The savings will be generated through better utilisation of the fleet which we expect to increase significantly from where it is today as well as from better buying power. We are satisfied that significant savings can be achieved and that these will build up over time.”

It is understood the transfer of employment will occur on May 15, 2014.


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