3,400 in food poverty in Leitrim

Mandate and Unite's Food poverty map

Mandate and Unite's Food poverty map

Leitrim has the lowest numbers suffering food poverty in the country, but it still shows that 10% of Leitrim people cannot afford all three meals a day.

Trade Unions Madate and Unite this week released a map with a county by county breakdown of food poverty in Ireland to help call on the Government to support food assistance organisation for Christmas. One in ten people suffer food poverty. “Food poverty means that someone missed a meal in the last fortnight because of a lack of money,” the report said. “It may mean they cannot afford a meal with meat or the vegetarian equivalent every second day or afford a roast or vegetarian equivalent once a week.” Those suffering food poverty may be lone parent families; they may be the newly unemployed; they may be pensioners or people in work, struggling to survive on low wages. The are looking of “immediate aid” of €10million for charity food groups.


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