AbbVie separates from Abbott with 175 staff

On January 2, almost 400 Staff in Ireland started working for AbbVie - the World’s Newest Biopharmaceutical Company.

AbbVie is the new biopharmaceutical company created by the separation of Abbott into two listed public companies.

AbbVie has a presence in Sligo, Cork and Dublin. AbbVie started trading on the New York Stock Exchange last week with an estimated $18bn in annual revenue, and operations in 170 countries.

Ryan Quigley, General Manager AbbVie Ireland said, “We look forward to working together with patients and healthcare partners to meet the healthcare needs in Ireland. AbbVie is a new type of company, a biopharmaceutical company. We are built on a 125-year heritage of research and innovation, with a renewed focus on meeting the needs of patients. AbbVie is committed to finding new treatments that address some of the world’s most serious health issues.”

AbbVie will employ just under 400 people in Ireland and 21,000 people globally. The new company currently employs more than 175 people in Sligo, more than 130 in Cork with the remaining workforce based in Dublin.

The Sligo plant manufactures a number of commercial medicines and supports the company’s efforts in developing a strong pipeline of new therapies and medications.

Ireland is the largest net exporter of pharmaceuticals in the world with exports worth €55.1 billion in 2011, accounting for over 50% of all exports from the country.

In February 2012, Abbott announced plans for an €85m extension to the Sligo site that envisage creating up to 175 additional highly skilled jobs. This expansion plan transfers into AbbVie and is due for completion by 2014. The full complement of jobs will come on line by 2015.


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