Austerity continues to work for well off

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Sinn Féin candidate for the Manorhamilton Electoral Area, Padraig Fallon has re-iterated his belief that “the cumulative impacts of Austerity over a number of years has driven many into poverty”.

“Those struggling to survive and pay bills certainly don’t need reports to reaffirm what they already know and experience on a daily basis,” he said.

“The percentage of people in Ireland who say that they cannot afford food has doubled to 9%, a startling figure s and one which stands in great contrast to the mantra being peddled by those telling us we have turned the corner.

“It is crucial that the Government takes seriously the impact that policies have on people’s lives and that of their communities. Poverty and Equality impact assessments must be carried out as an essential part of all policy making. These impact assessments must be done in a manner which is transparent so that all can see the evidence being used to make choices and discuss the impact of decisions.

“The Local and European Elections present voters with an opportunity to say Stop, We Want A Different, Fairer, Better, Ireland,” he told the Leitrim Observer.


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