Bohan concerned over policy on water leak repair

Cllr Mary Bohan

Cllr Mary Bohan

At the February meetin of Leitrim County Council, Cllr Mary Bohan raised the issue of Leitrim County Councils policy on repairs to water leaks and broken pumps at weekends.

She said she was aware of the situation at Lugnaskeehan where people were informed that repairs could not be carried out because there were less than five houses affected.

“This is most unsatisfactory as two houses were left without water and also cattle sheds for the entire weekend,” Cllr Bohan told the Chamber. She also called on the Council to ensure this situation does not happen again in the future.

Cllr Bohan said she was also concerned over water charges and invoices that have been issued to members of the former Creevelae/Killargue group water scheme, which has now been taken in charge by Leitrim County Council.

“These members paid their initial connection fee of approximately €1,200 to the scheme and have been paying their annual maintenance charge to the scheme over the years,” she noted.

“The bills issued by the Council have left many in a state of shock as some of them are for as much as €2,400. I am calling on Leitrim County Council not to pursue people for these amounts until such time as people get an opportunity to check for leaks on the system. “


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