Call for action on flooding

Michael Colreavy

Michael Colreavy

Sinn Féin Deputy, Michael Colreavy, has called on the government to take greater action to prevent future flooding.

He said it was very hard for the government or the OPW to draw up a definitive list of urgent projects t. That is the sort of information that is only really held at a localauthority level. But Local authorities have seen their ability to address the problems caused by severe weather and flooding diminished by cuts to local government funding, he noted.

“The irony in all of this is that the Local Government Fund is being used to subvent Uisce Eireann,” he added.

While noting much of the North West had escaped the severest of storm damage he noted that there were ongoing flooding concerns in areas like Leitrim Village with flooding threatening homes again. He noted many promises had been made to fix this since major flooding in 2009 but “zero action has been taken”.


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