Call for solution to sewage problem in Tuallaghn

Residents in Tullaghan are having to cope daily with the smell of sewerage according to Cllr Sean McDermott.

At the recent bi-monthly meeting of Leitrim County Council, Cllr McDermott put forward a motion calling for a solution “to the serious and ongoing problem with the sewerage in Tullaghan”.

Senior Engineer, Roads, Shay O’Connor accepted that there was an ongoing problem in Tullaghan.

He noted that the village had been previously identified as the location for a new sewerage system but because Donegal County Council planned to build a new treatment plant in Bundoran, it was decided that a pumping station would be constructed instead, which would feed into this new plant.

“The Waste Water treatment facility in Bundoran has been delayed for a number of years so we are left with an old septic tank and that is insufficient,” he admitted.

“The solution will be to pump waste water into the new plant but we have no idea when that will be built.

“We will contact Irish Water for more detail on what is happening with the Bundoran Treatment facility. In the interim we will have the tank (in Tullaghan) de-sludged to improve the situation.”

Cllr McDermott stressed the importance of securing a long term solution for the residents of the area.


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