Call to the public to support Text Alert in Sligo and North Leitrim

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Muintir na Tire and An Garda Siochana in partnership with local communities have set up in excess of thirty text alerting facilities throughout the two counties since 2012.

This initiative has brought the Community Alert programme into the 21st century making use of technology to get a message out to all signed up members in a very short time.

Locally based volunteer committees have given a lot of hours creating group databases, organizing finance and hosting meetings to educate the public as to how text alert benefits the individual as well as the community collectively.

The organisation today needs you the public to be the caring neighbour, to be the active citizen, to be alert to what might be suspect in your surrounds, to support local service suppliers and businesses where there is good back up locally in the event of problems, to make yourself aware of crime prevention initiatives that assist in you taking responsibility where possible for your personal security and property.

Community Alert in 1984 was set up to encourage active citizenship and caring neighbourhoods alongside the promotion of greater awareness of personal and property protection, empowering the public to play a more informed role in personal and community security and safety. Nothing has changed over the thirty years.

You can help your local community alert by

• Being proactive around personal and property security

• Immediately contacting An Garda Siochana on sighting of any suspect activity, vehicle or individual in your general surrounds. Try to record detail as accurately as possible.

• Signing up to receive text alerts.

The following are the contact numbers for District Garda Offices in the Division

Sligo 071 9157000, Ballymote 071 9189500, Carrick on Shannon 071 9620021

Manorhamilton 071 9820620, 999 or 112 in an emergency.

All calls to An Garda Siochana are checked out and in cases where necessary or appropriate an alerting text will be circulated to all signed up community members.

If any subject of an alerting text crosses your path as an active citizen your responsibility is to report again….Your vigilance could well be the missing piece in a crime prevention jigsaw.


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