Concern for workers in Aventas Group

According to local lobby group Concerned Irish Citizens “more than 220 Quinn Group employees” have contacted the lobby group seeking intervention to save their jobs.

Ballinamore’s Patricia Gilheaney, secretary of the Concerned Irish Citizens (CIC) said these employees “expressed grave concern for the future of themselves, their families and the local communities.”

Last week the Quinn Group was rebranded as Aventas Group and the management announced that they are in negotiations to merge their transport services with another company. There was no mention of any job losses as a result of these changes.

Concerned Irish Citizens said “The outsourcing of the haulage and garage part of the Quinn Group is of major concern to the lorry drivers, the garage staff and also their suppliers and they are disgusted that this is even being considered given the repeated promises to protect local jobs.

“Drivers have pointed out that they will be competing with workers from abroad who work for half the money being paid currently to Quinn Group drivers and they also believe that they will be forced to overnight at their destination and return the next day with another load.

“They have expressed deep concern at the lack of information coming from Management at what they consider to be the stripping of company assets and the probable change in their terms and conditions of employment.”

Last week a spokesperson for the newly names Aventas Group said the transport merger will enhance “the overall level of job security.”

The lobby group said a number of other concerns were also expressed by employees including the “expensive” rebranding “which was announced on the very day that tens of thousands of pounds worth of Quinn branded diaries, calendars, and other promotional material was delivered.”

Concerned Irish Citizens said they were also told by employees that they are not satisfied with the communication between management and staff.

Many of the worried workers who contacted Concerned Irish Citizens pointed out that FG Cllr John McCartin, called for talks with the Quinn family on the front page of the Leitrim Observer several months ago.

According to Mrs Gilheaney, “They are deeply disappointed that this recommendation appears to have fallen on deaf ears and they are adamant that the only person who can prevent the complete demise of the Quinn Group is Sean Quinn and his team.”


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