‘Engineers week’ showcases careers

Career-minded students with a fascination for making things work have an opportunity for a close up look at the many faces of modern engineering during “Engineers Week” 
at IT Sligo.

Events will include interactive exhibits, question and answer sessions with practising engineers, school visits in Sligo and Leitrim, debates and lectures.

They are all on the February 9th-15th Engineers Week menu. Most are open to the public, particularly students and family groups.

See http://itsligo.ie/engineersweek/

Highlights include:

Wednesday Feb 12 (8pm) - A fast moving lecture on Games Technology.

Friday Feb 14 (1pm) –Multi-disciplinary work presentations from third-level colleges.

Saturday Feb 15 (4.30pm- 5pm) – Coder Dojo special programming event.


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