Enterprising Leitrim launch!

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Commentators gave Co Leitrim’s Local Enterprise Office a big ‘thumbs up’ this week after it emerged that thrifty organisers had spent just €30 launching the new Enterprise Offices, while other Local Authorities had stumped up as much as €4,000 in some instances, for the occasion.

Figures released in a parliamentary question from Fianna Fáil’s Dara Calleary showed that a total of €38,521 was spent on opening events around the country for Enterprise Offices.

Co Leitrim spent just €30 on the event, the courier cost for the delivery of a stand.

Leitrim County Council provided tea and coffee and two local companies sued the event to showcase their home baking produce, supplying both scones and brown bread for the event free of charge.

This is in contrast to Tipperary, who spent €4,385 on their Local Enterprise Office launch with a massive €1,449 on catering, €502 on sound amplification, €250 on photography and €1,200 on miscellaneous expenses (a figure which included the hiring of a €1,000 marquee).


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