Half of home owners boycotting taxes - CAHWT

A leading property tax protest group have responded to reports that registration of properties for household tax has passed the one million mark. Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes (CAHWT) representative Ruth Coppinger said that despite the number of people registering for the tax, the boycott against the taxes remains incredibly strong. Speaking last week, Ms Coppinger said: “Registration figures represent properties, not people. The increase since June is solely related to multiple properties owned by the same people.”

She continued: “The government consciously targeted second and third homeowners with the recent letter campaign. In fact, the response of around 40,000 registrations is unimpressive as it’s only a fraction of multiple properties owned by people.”

Ms Coppinger claimed that half of all liable homeowners have still not registered and said this was a serious problem for the Labour/Fine Gael government. She concluded: “This is more than was achieved by Poll Tax non-payment which started off at 15% in the first year, 1989, and which only reached 45% boycott in the year of its abolition. People realise that between property and water taxes, the charge will quickly rise to over €1,000 per year. The government’s persuading and threatening letters will only re-inforce people’s determination to resist.”


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