IBRC made Quinns “the most hated family”in Ireland

Sean Quinn gave an interview to Pat Kenny on Newstalk last week and said Anglo used Quinn business money to “make us the most hated family in the country.”

He criticised the former Anglo Irish Bank for seizing Quinn business assets, and using money generated from them to take the family though the courts.

“These are our assets, these assets never belonged to them, they didn’t finance those. It’s our money,” he stated.

“You have a lot of pride when you put something together over a long period of time. We would like them back, but if not then compensation.”

Quinn also denied having knowledge about who was carrying out the attacks on Aventas. “No I don’t know who’s doing it. I put in40 years building them up, the last thing I want to do is see the assets I created destroyed.”

However he suggested that because the only properties being attacked are those with security men hired by Anglo, it could be a protest attack against them.

He also spoke on the recent acquittal of former Anglo Irish Bank chairman Sean Fitzpatrick. “I wasn’t overly surprised, they brought specific cases against him they couldn’t prove it. I don’t think there was any big surprise. Why send three men to prison if there are 20 or 30 people just as complicit? I don’t see any reason why they should go to prison.”

In April 2011 control of Mr Quinn’s empire passed into the hands of Anglo Irish Bank, now IBRC. The following year a judge in Dublin found that Mr Quinn, his son Sean Quinn jnr, and a nephew, Peter Darragh Quinn, hid millions in assets from the bank in defiance of a court order. Quinn and his son were later jailed for contempt of court.

IBRC is pursuing the Quinn family through the courts for €2.8bn which it claims it is still owed. Sean Quinn revealed the role of local support in financing his legal battles. The family have filed a legal action seeking €4.5 billion from the State to compensate it for the loss of its business empire following alleged illegal lending by Anglo Irish Bank.


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