IRL welcomes CEDRA Report

Irish Rural Link – the national network representing the interest of rural communities welcomes the Commission for Economic Development of Rural Area’s (CEDRA) report entitled “Energising Ireland’s Rural Economy” stating that it can provide some much needed direction toward job creation and long term sustainability.

This report acknowledges that rural town and villages have suffered significantly from the economic crisis where unemployment increased by 192% while unemployment increased by 114% in urban areas. The recommendations if implemented correctly can help rural Ireland to reach its maximum potential and contribute to the economic recovery of Ireland as a whole. One of the primary recommendations set out in the report is that one government department should take sole responsibility for rural issues as it allows for accountability to be taken and decisions to be made in a cohesive manner.

Irish Rural Link must issue an air of caution with this report stating that if the government does not implement the recommendations outlined in the report the work of the Commission will have been in vain. IRL welcomes Minister Phil Hogan’s commitment to the formation of an implementation group expressing that the recommendations of the report need to be implemented in a timely and practical manner.


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