Leitrim below the average annual disposable income

Donegal is the poorest county in Ireland according to figures from the Central Statistics Office.

Donegal has the lowest figure of disposable income per person, with the average person having just under €16,000 in annual disposable income.

Those living in Leitrim are calculated to have €17,604 which although is higher than many neighbouring counties around the region is still well below the national average of €19,055.

Donegal had €15,897, Longford €17,158, Cavan €16,741 and Roscommon had €16,392 in 2011. Sligo was the only county in the region to have a higher disposable income compared to Leitrim at €18,211.

The border counties were the lowest earning region , with average disposable income of €16,894, nearly 11% lower than the average.

Dublin is the richest county in Ireland – with over €2,000 more disposable income per head than the national average.

Disposable income is defined as earnings plus social welfare payments minus tax and social insurance contributions.

Last week the Central Statistics Office report which reveals figures for 2011 said that counties with primary income – job earnings, rental income and dividends exceeding disposable income had the highest employment rates.


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