Leitrim Bethany Home survivor seeks redress

Leitrim man, Patrick Anderson-McQuoid, a survivor of Bethany Home, Dublin is one of a number of people who is campaigning for redress for survivors.

The Bethany Survivors seek that the records are removed from PACT and placed in open access; the erection of a memorial at the Mount Jerome Cemetery for the 219 small infant children from the Bethany Home that are buried in an unmarked mass grave and justice from the Irish Government, the Church of Ireland, and redress in some form.

Mr Anderson-McQuoid was parted from his mother in 1947. He was placed with a nurse mother, who failed to care for him, leaving him ill. He was transferred to Northern Ireland and was later adopted there. He left school early and slept rough in London for some time. In the 70s and 80s he tried to get his records but could not.

He started working in the arts and moved to Cork then in 1989 to Leitrim, where he still lives. Only in 1980 when a law changed did he find his birth mother’s name in Northern Ireland. He traced his mother, but she refued to meet him.

His half-brother found him through contacts. In 1999 his birth mother passed away. The survivor said he has suffered several break downs, and only at the age of 63 did he find out the real story of what happened to him.

His testimony was read out in the Dáil Eireann on December 10 by SF Cork TD Sandra McLellon. Deputy McLellon these people deserve “justice.”


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