Leitrim Guardian would make a wonderful gift

editorial image

editorial image

The beautiful, tranquil cover of this year’s Leitrim Guardian designed again by Johnnie Lawson, Artist is highlighted by Brian Leyden, author, who was guest speaker at the launch of the 46th edition of the Leitrim Guardian.

“...if you just cast your eyes on the cover of this years’ Guardian, for example, you’ll see what I think is wonderful instance of how a publication with the Guardian’s ambitions – in bringing you features and the arts, poetry and stories, history and sport and community events, memoirs and reflections, in its fidelity to the here and now as much as the informing influences of the past, it can and does trigger deep down in us a sort of sensuousness and emotional responsiveness - a physical sense of delight, that is the measure of the very best works.

“The cover alone is one of these images that suddenly makes you realize how much everyday pressures and necessities can keep our sense of wonder in sleep-mode when, as here, you have your eyes opened to a winter scene that instantly awakes that dormant sense of the transcendental grace and mystery of the world we live in here.

“It’s a beautiful image gorgeously framed and it sets a standard for the attention to detail and content and layout that follows,” said Brian Leyden

The Leitrim Guardian is Ireland’s only annual county journal published entirely by voluntary effort.

The 46th edition of the Leitrim Guardian, Ireland’s featuring Eleanor Shanley, as Leitrim Guardian Person of the Year 2014 is available in shops and online at www.leitrimguardian.ie .

It will make a wonderful gift for friends and family, in particular for those living overseas.

If you order online the journal will be sent wherever in the world you want it to go.

Your purchase will help ensure the continuation of this historic journal, unique to County Leitrim.


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