New pay by weight waste system

Bin waiver

Bin waiver

From February 1 next year all household waste collected in the county will be charged using a Pay by Weight system.   

This new system will cover the Black bin (Waste), Blue bin (Recyclables) and Brown Bin (Food Waste) with the idea being the less waste you produce, the less you pay.  

The pricing system may vary with each collector but the basis of the system for Leitrim is: An “average” weight-based system with ‘x’ kg per annum allotted/house – if less than ‘x’ kg is presented during the year, a credit is given for the following year’s bill; if more than ‘x’ kg is presented during the year, the customer is billed for the additional weight. X = the threshold to be applied by the waste collector.

It is likely the waste collector may accept monthly, quarterly or an annual payment. Householders should be able to check their balance online, by calling their contractor or by requesting a regular text to their mobile.

On-the-spot fines may be issued to any member of the public for a number of circumstances including people who can not/will not prove how they are correctly disposing of waste.

Householder’s need to ensure that they are registered with a permitted waste collector so as to ensure that they can be set up on the pay by weight system.

Householders should also be aware that tagged bins and bags will no longer be collected after the 1st February 2014.

See www.leitrimcoco.ie for more details or contact the Environmental Hotline at 1890 205 205.


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