Passionate pleas from debtors and creditors

Passionate pleas were heard from both debtors and creditors at Carrick-on-Shannon District Court on Monday, July 7 concerning debt.

Almost 50 cases listed were related to debt, the majority were to enforce instalment orders and the others related to failure to comply with previous instalment orders from around the country.

These cases came from banks, credit unions, marts and private companies/ individuals seeking orders of €50 per month all the way down to €15 a month from their debtors.

Those in debt carried with them statement of means, and details of weekly spending was read out to court, describing how families were spending their income on a week to week basis.

The morning’s proceedings were not easy to listen to, as debtors pleded for more time and creditors sought payments for services long rendered.

In some cases both debtors and creditors seemed to be struggling and despite much effort, it was not easy to find a solution.

Judge Kevin Kilrane did not send anyone to jail for debt owed, cases were adjourned in the hope that circumstances would change and an easier arrangement agreed.


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