Payments for homes located on GridWest

EirGrid are to consider paying the market value of homes to owners whose residences lie within 50 metres of pylons along the proposed Grid West network.

GridWest proposes to bring 400kv powerlines from a substation in North Mayo to Flagford, just outside Carrick-on-Shannon.

“Payment of market value is certainly something we would consider,” according to Eirgrid’s Fintan Slye in relation to homes that are within a 50 metre radius of the pylons .

The company has already proposed a payment scheme based on a sliding scale for homeowners whose homes lie between 50 metres and 200 metres of new pylons or stations.

EirGrid says the money will be offered as part of a two-pronged “community gain mechanism” it has adopted in recognition of the visual impact of the high-voltage network.

Under the proposal, EirGrid will make once-off payments ranging from €5,000 for homes located at 200 metres to €30,000 for homes located at 50 metres from the proposed structures.

Payments will also be made to those with full planning permission for homes within the 200 metre corridor.

An expert panel is being established to oversee reports for the best undergound route options fo GridWest and GridLink.


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