Peace through the ages

Stories from the Troubles : Harold Good and Liam McGirl in Manorhamilton.

Stories from the Troubles : Harold Good and Liam McGirl in Manorhamilton.

An exciting new intergenerational peace-building programme for the county’s secondary schools began recently and will work with over 200 young people and 25 adults across four different activity strands.

Leitrim PEACE III Partnership has commissioned community based consultancy Green Hat to deliver the programme to all secondary schools in Leitrim. The aim of the programme is to address issues around racism and sectarianism, and to provide an opportunity for older people to share their experiences of conflict.

Connecting the Peace is a series of workshops for young people using games and activities to explore issues of other communities and cultures, and to increase their knowledge and confidence around some of the topics and issues.

Stories from the Troubles provide a unique opportunity for the young people to hear from their elders about a wide range of experiences from the Troubles. Speakers come from both sides of the border and a variety of backgrounds including political ex-prisoners, community workers, security force personnel, politicians, and church ministers and from both sides of the conflict, and those with experience living in rural border areas at the time. The students also have a chance to ask the speakers questions, facilitated by members of the Green Hat team.

The programme will culminate in an intergenerational conference, Peace Through the Ages, to take place in Spring 2013. This conference will bring pupils from all the schools together, as well as older people to celebrate the diversity in communities and cultures, and will include a number of speakers and workshops. A school resource pack, According to Who? will also be produced.

This work has been funded by the PEACE III Programme through the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund managed for the Special EU Programmes Body by Leitrim County Council on behalf of County Leitrim Peace III Partnership.

For more information contact Green Hat on 048 677 23766 or info@


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