Renovation works on roof of Boyle church

Boyle Church of Ireland .
Pic Mary Regan.

Boyle Church of Ireland . Pic Mary Regan.

This Parish Church of The Church of Ireland, Boyle needs a new Rroof; it is hoped this will be renewed this summer.

The Church building is well located on the hill, above Green Street and was established here in the second half of the Eighteenth Centenary.

It contains many great funerary and military memorials, encanstic tiles and three magnificent stain glass windows.

One window in the North Wall of the Nave depicts The Parable of the good Samaritan,.

On June 6, at 8.30 pm in Boyle Church of Ireland.

There will be a talk on the History of the Church, enhanced by organ music and congretational singing of appropriate hymns.

This coming event will help launch the Roofing Project and future fund raising occasions. It is hopes that many people willsupport the project and ensure that our Christian heritage will survive.


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