Save Our Cancer Services remind electorate of pledges

Save Our Cancer Services-NW(SOCS-NW) are reminding the electorate of pledges and promises that were made at the last general election to restore cancer services to Sligo Regional Hospital which have been reneged on.

The group are distributing a flyer which states “Fianna Fail took away your cancer services - you took their seats (2009). Fine Gael and Labour reneged on pledges to restore them - now you can take their seats too (2014).”

The group also stated “Do not forget the lies: Fine Gael: “...cancer services will be restored in 100 days” -Labour Party: “Our pledge to you, ‘A cancer centre of excellence for Sligo General’”

They are telling the electorate it’s “time to stop being angry-on the 23rd May use your vote to get even. Deliver the strong message that you won’t be lied to and that the demand for cancer services in the Northwest region hasn’t gone away.”

Member of SOCS-NW Caitriona McGoldrick said, “I don’t think I will ever trust a Fine Gael or Labour politician again after the way they latched onto our Campaign and used very sick and vulnerable people to further their careers, once elected these government parties went back on all their promises and forgot about the people who put them there. Seven years ago this summer word filtered through about plans to move Cancer Services to a centre of excellence in Galway, we didn’t think it would happen, but it did and very quickly, now a report has been leaked about the removal of Maternity services and I fear this is next for centralisation in a centre of excellence, we need people in local government who will not be bullied by central government and who will do everything in their power to represent us and make sure we get treated the same as people living in any other part of the country none of whom travel the distances we do for healthcare, I am appealing to people to think carefully about who they vote for and please do not believe any promises given coming up to the election”

Lily McMorrow stated, “For so long I prayed so hard for a miracle and the promises that the Fine Gael and Labour people made seemed like an answer to those prayers - but they just used us for their own ends. Isn’t it unbelievable that anyone would use sick and ill people just to get votes. But that is exactly what they did. The people must never forget what happened and I am again pleading with them to use their vote to get them out, we just can’t trust the crowd that is in power now”

Jim O’Sullivan commented, “When Fine Gael and Labour lied to the people of this region in 2011 they literally robbed us of our franchise, they murdered democracy for the people of this region. On top of that they used and abused the brave people who fought a long and arduous campaign to save our cancer services.”


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