Seat losses to cost Council €437,000

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It is estimated that the result of the local elections will cost Leitrim County Council in excess of €437,248 in retirement gratuities.

Members of the local authorities are entitled to such payments under the Local Government Act 2001, however retiring members must be over 50 to receive such payments and it is taxable.

The cost of providing these payments will be borne by the Council and it is probable that the Government will not financially assist local authorities nationwide as they must provide for such payments in their accounts.

Five of the members who retired or lost their seat cannot collect their payments until they are 50 years of age.

They are: Siobhan McGloin €48,969, Enda McGloin €33,448, Gordon Hughes €33,448, Gerry Kilrane €16,724, Sean McSharry €10,034.

The other members who either lost their seat or opted for retirement can now apply for their retirement gratuity.

They are: Tony Ferguson €61,587, Gerry Reynolds €57,540, Thomas Mulligan €57,540, John McTernan €53,255, Francie Gimartin €47,541, and John Ward €16,724.

Provision for these payments will have to appear in Leitrim County Council’s 2015 Budget, due to for consideration next September, where over €330,000 will be required to be paid within two years.


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