Septic tank inspections

Leitrim County Council will be commencing inspections of wastewater treatment systems and septic tanks in the coming weeks.

Householders will be contacted by Leitrim County Council in advance of an inspection being carried out.

Your septic tank accepts wastewater from toilets, showers, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers in your house. This means that your septic tank will contain bacteria, germs and chemicals as well as water and waste materials. As a householder with a septic tank you have responsibilities for its design, construction, operation and maintenance.

• Register your wastewater treatment system online at

• Pump out (de-sludge) and service your system regularly using a permitted contractor

• Keep a record of all service work and de-sludging

• Ensure all manhole covers are secure

• Prevent grease, excessive bleach and chemicals, food, disposable items and rainwater from entering your system

Information leaflets on Septic Tanks are available online at or by contacting Environment Department, Leitrim County Council Tel: 1890 205 205.


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