Sheep carcass dumped

A spokesperson for Lough Allen Conservation Foundation has appealed for people to dispose of animal carcasses properly after the discovery of a dead sheep in the Shannon near the Galley Bridge, Drumshanbo.

The animal was discovered floating in the water on Sunday afternoon. It was removed from the water where our photographer was on hand to capture the image, before being properly disposed of (pictured right).

It would appear from the photo that all identifying tags were removed from the animal before it was dumped.

Sean Wynne, Secretary of the Foundation, said that it was “very sad that people resort to dumping carcasses in the water. Surely there are alternatives to this?” he asked.

“I understand that people are under pressure financially but surely there are other ways of disposing of a carcass than to dump it like this. This is bad for everyone. It is bad for the environment and it is also bad for tourism. We have worked hard for many years to develop this area as an attractive place for tourists,” he said.

He urged anyone who noted any dumping in future to contact himself at Lough Allen Conservation Foundation on 087 631 2708 and the relevant authorities would be contacted.

Lough Allen Conservation Foundation was founded in the mid 80s following serious poaching in the area. The late Fr Sean Tynan was instrumental in the success of the Foundation and the members continue his work to this day.


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