Water supply is a health hazard

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Cllr Frank Dolan has asked the Council to immediately contact Irish Water to request urgent works be carried out on the water mains at Gornaskeagh, Leckaun.

Highlighting concerns over the safety of water supplied via the old mains pipework, Cllr Dolan said that the water was discoloured and, in his opinion, “not fit for any use never mind human consumption”.

“I’m asking the Director of Services to contact Irish Water and ask that the old water mains be replaced as soon as possible,” he said in a motion before the recent sitting of Leitrim County Council.

A Senior Engineer in the Water Services Department of the Local Authority said that a request for funding was being prepared for Irish Water in the form of an Assets Needs Brief.

“This is currently being worked on by Leitrim County Council. The proposal involves the replacement of approximately the last 2km of old four inch diameter cast iron mains which has become severely encrusted with iron deposits, mainly affecting a small number of houses,” he said.

When completed in a few weeks time, the Brief will be submitted to Irish Water.

“If approved by Irish Water, they will request a Business Case Report,” the engineer noted, but he stressed that, with funding limits for Irish Water, securing any funding approval for this work would be “difficult to achieve”.

Cllr Dolan said he was “not surprised” by the response but added: “I think this work is essential, this is a very serious situation for the households impacted.

“This water is not fit for anything. It is not fit to wash clothes, to wash dishes, never mind being fit to drink. The EPA have even been sent photos of the water, that’s how bad this is. What you (the Council Engineer) are saying is that there is no hope of any improvement in this situation. That’s just unacceptable.”

A spokesperson for the Council stressed they would continue to work with Irish Water to try and secure funding for the work.


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