World Cup Sleddog Racing

Sleddog Racing Ireland

Sleddog Racing Ireland

Lough Key Forest Park, Boyle is hosting the IFSS World Cup Sleddog Racing & Irish National Championship this Saturday and Sunday, February 1 &2.

Sleddogs and their owners from all over Ireland will compete along the trails of Lough Key. There are different classes of races including sprint, distance, ski-dog, carnicross, bikjoring, scooter and rig.

Spectators are very welcome to attend the races which will begin at 9am on both days, and you can even bring their own dogs, so long as they are under control.

There is no cover charge for the event, but there will be a car parking fee.

Jarl Fladeby IFSS Race Marshall from Norway (race judge at IFSS WCh’s Dryland in Italy 2013) will be in attendance.


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