Remembering the Famine victims at Manor’s Garden of Tranquility



The Great Famine may have happened over 160 years ago, but thanks to the hardwork of a group of locals in Manorhamilton the memory of those who lost their lives in the worst catastrophe to strike the Irish population, will not be forgotten.

Chairperson of the Manorhamilton Famine Graveyard Committee, Rose McPadden, has extended an invitation to all in the community and further afield, to attend an Ecumenical service at the Famine Graveyard this Saturday the 13th of October at 3pm.

This ceremony will mark the twenty-fifth Anniversary of the renovation of the graveyard in 1987 and will also serve as a poignant memorial to the souls who lost their lives during this very bleak period in Irish history.

“We are inviting clergy and people from all the local churches in the area to attend. This is such a significant event in the area, as souls of all denominations including many children are buried in this little garden,” Mrs McPadden explained to the Leitrim Observer.

“The event is open to everyone and we hope, the people of Manorhamilton and all the surrounding areas will come along and participate in the Ecumenical service. For many years, local groups and individuals have cared for and maintained this sacred and tranquil place of prayer.”

Speaking on behalf of the Committee, Gabriel McSharry said, “The very mention of the famine graveyard, stirs distant memories of the tragic loss of life of many in our community and the outside areas.

“The hunger, hurt, and pain experienced by families and all our descendants, regardless of colour or denomination lives with many of us to this very day, when we reflect on the past,” he added.

“The Famine Grave Memorial Garden is located at the rear of Our Lady’s Hospital and close to the old fever hospital which was locally known as the work house.

“It is hoped that people will make a special effort to attend this important service of remembrance. It will once again acknowledge the suffering which was experienced by many of our people.”

Everyone is welcome to come to this very special service at Manorhamilton’s Famine Graveyard, Saturday, October 13 at 3pm.




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