Mohill hosts ‘The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley’

This hilarious comedy, where all is fair in love and war, has already got great reviews and now it comes to Canon Donohoe Hall, Mohill on January 4th and 6th at 8pm.

Gabriel Foley played by Padraig Mc Loughlin is a bachelor farmer, who is unlucky in love.

He is being chased by Hazel Myers (Monica Reilly) and Chrissie McCabe (Anella Mc Guinness) who will stop at nothing to get him. Aggie Foley (Margaret Healy) and Lucy Lacey (Nicole Kearins) are two old acid-tongued sisters who never agree.

Liam Gavigan, a neighbour farmer, is played by the popular Philip Flood while Clive Snell (Dave Price) is a pompous, self-absorbed character. Last, but not least, in this colourful cast of characters is Morag De Coursey (Margaret Healy), a posh director of the Prince of Denmark Players.

Not forgeting Our Master of Ceremonies Tommy Kellegher, Stage Manager Maureen Lynch and Front of House Liz Geoghan.

The play was written by Jimmy Keary from Westmeath and this production is directed and produced by Anella Mc Guinness, Padraig Mc Loughlin, and Margaret Healy.

Bookings on (071) 9631253, admission: adults €10, children €5.




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