Time to book that Christmas Party!

Christmas party

Christmas party

Yes we know it is November, yep you have just got over Halloween, but the time has come to book the Christmas Party! Good locations with great food, deals and the best atmosphere are picked up quickly by quick thinking party planners, so take the plunge and start organising the party of the year now!

Thankfully Leitrim has no shortage of award winning restaurants, pubs and bars to choose from for the office night out. Food that everyone can enjoy as well as a convenient location and a good atmosphere are the most important aspects when organising the work, family or friends get to gether - but this year the big clincher will be value for money.

Deals are there to be grabbed and those who start planning now will be sure to pick up special offers, promotions and discounts galore.

Those who plan to drink alcohol should organise a taxi or have a friend or family member drop them off at the venue this month, so it is not left to last minute madness! Another option is to provide a coach for those who wish to take advantage of it.

Remember do not overbook the venue. In other words don’t choose a place that is too large for the number of people who will be attending. You want the corporate Christmas party to provide social interaction among the party goers, so choose something that is big enough so people are not stepping on each other’s toes but small enough to allow plenty of socialising.

You also want to make sure the Christmas party venue you choose has the capability to handle whatever events you want to plan for the company Christmas party such as dancing, music (band or dj), any games you may want to play, prizes, buffet, table , tray or bar service.

Another consideration in your choice of party venue is the venue’s provisions for dress code and Christmas theming ideas. Keep in mind some venues have their own dress codes that are in force all year no matter what the occasion. If you choose a venue such as a hotel with a formal dress code you have to make sure your employees will be receptive to that. Although the females are not likely to mind dressing up in their finest many men are not as eager to dress up in a suit and tie just for a company Christmas party.

Another important aspect of choosing your venue is the menu items from which you can choose. You need to make allowances for those who may be allergic to certain types of fish (especially shellfish), so you may want to avoid seafood restaurants since the smell sometimes triggers allergy symptoms for some. You also want to make the potential Christmas party venue aware of these special circumstances so they don’t prepare salads that include seafood or other things to which some people may be allergic.

The party should be light and airy with no sense of business surrounding it. Whatever happens at the company Christmas party should be separate from that of the office.

Let the festive spirit begin!




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