Alannah sprints to Schools bronze

Mohill Community College's Alannah McGuinness was the headline act at the Irish Life Health All-Ireland Schools Track & Field after she blasted her way to a bronze medal in the Senior Girls 100m Final.

There were also some excellent performances from St Clare's Darragh Mitchell who finished fourth in the Inter boys walk, Junior walkers Sara O'Beirne and Rachel Keaney while Toyosi Fagbo smashed his personal best over 100m.

But the headline act was undoubtedly McGuinness as the Carrick AC athlete smashed her personal best by three tenths of a second, clocking 12.11 seconds to take the bronze medal. A measure of her success is the fact that both athletes ahead of her are two years older than her and is a major breakthrough for the Mohill native.

Darragh Mitchell was the next highest individual with a fine fourth place finish in the Inter Boys walk. His time of 10.30.63 left him 43 seconds adrift of the bronze medal and 20 seconds clear of the next athlete in a strong showing over 2,000m.

North Leitrim AC clubmates Sara O’Beirne and Rachel Keaney  represented not only different schools but different provinces. Mohill CC’s Sara finished sixth in a  time of 6.20.60, some 22 seconds off a bronze medal, while Magh Ene Bundoran student Rachel was seventh in a time of 6.31.71 for a good showing from the walkers.

Ellis Conway made a brave effort to go all out for glory as she followed the early pace set by St Flannan’s Jo Keane. Unfortunately, the pace took its toll as the Carrick AC student faded over the final 300m to finished sixth in a time of 2.23.05.

Sixth place finishes were also recorded by the Intermediate Girls and Boys relay teams of Carrick Community School, the girls team of Aine McGwynne, Alanna Murray, Lauren Reynolds and Sophie McCabe clocking 52.65 for a new pb.

The boys team of Oisin Kearney, Cian Mollohan, Sean Brennan & Toyosi Fagbo also set a new best of 48.29. First leg runner Oisin Kearney had earlier run the 400m where he clocked his second fastest time ever with 53.24.

Toyosi Fagbo broke new ground as he smashed his 100m personal best of 11.74 with a 11.47 clocking for a seventh place while Lauren Reynolds saw action in the Inter Girls 800m, clocking 2.34.22 for tenth place.

Leitrim Track & Field Championships

There were some great performances in the Leitrim Track & Field championships in Sligo recently. Here are the full results:


U9: 60m: 1. Niamh Connolly North Leitrim, 2. Carla Daly Mohill; 3. Grainne Kiernan Mohill; 300m: 1. Carla Daly; 2. Grainne Kiernan; Long Jump: 1. Carla Daly 1.97m; 2. Rosie Foley Drumshanbo 1.65m; 3. Grainne Kiernan 1.52m

U10: 60m: 1. Poppy Doherty Carrick, 2.Anna Trench Winston Carrick; 3. Sadhbh Gilrane Drumshanbo; 500m: 1. Shayla Lannon Carrick; 2. Grace Fergus North Leitrim; 3. Cealagh McGloin North Leitrim; 1. Anna Trench Winston 3.17m, 2. Shayla Lannon 3.17m, 3. Grace Fergus 3.05m; Relay: 1. Carrick  A, 2. North Leitrim, 3. Carrick B

U11: 60m: 1. Sarah Mulvaney-Kelly North Leitrim, 2. Nicola Hardagen Ballinamore; 3. Lucia O’Donnell Carrick; 600m: 1. Sarah Mulvaney Kelly; 2. Nicole Hargaden; 3. Mabel Keane Carrick; Long Jump: 1. Sarah Mulvaney-Kelly 3.07m; 2. Mia Guckian Carrick 2.73m; 3. Katie McDwyer Carrick 2.57m; Relay: 1. Carrick

U12: 60m: 1. Mia Connolly North Leitrim, 2. Anna Keane Carrick; 3. Aoife McDwyer Carrick; 600m: 1. Mia Connolly; 2. Karen Mulvaney-Kelly North Leitrim; 3. Aoife Gillard Drumshanbo; Long Jump: 1. Mia Connolly 3.27m; 2. Anna Keane 3.27m, 3. Aoife McDwyer 2.97m; Turbo Javelin: 1. Karen Mulvaney Kelly 13.59m; 2. Amy Murtagh Carrick 11.45m; 3. Phoebe Lynott Carrick 10.81m; Relay: 1. Carrick, 2. North Leitrim; 3. Drumshanbo

U13: 80m: 1. Isabella Cassidy; 2. Penelope Cassidy; 3. Freya Flynn (all Carrick); 600m: 1. Isabella Cassidy Carrick; 2. Penelope Cassidy; 3. Grace Gillard Drumshanbo; Long Jump: 1. Laura Faughnan 3.10m; 2. Caireann O’Grady 3.03; 3. Penelope Cassidy 3.03m (all Carrick); Shot: 1. Orla McWeeney 6.60m; 2. Isabella Cassidy 5.62m; 3. Grace Gillard 5.32m; Javelin: 1. Caireann O’Grady 7.95m; 2. Laura Faughnan 6.97m; Relay: 1. Carrick

U14: 100m: 1 Zemyna Zasytyte Carrick; 2 Faith Lynott Carrick; 3. Saoirse McWeeney Mohill; 800m: 1 Saoirse McWeeney; Long Jump: 1. Hannah Walsh Carrick 3.38m; 2. Zemyna Zasytyte 3.27m; 3. Clodagh Tighe Mohill 2.51m; Shot: 1. Faith Lynott 7.08m; 2. Saoirse McWeeney 6.16m; 3. Clodagh Tighe 6.15m; Javelin: Clodagh Tighe 9.93m, 2. Faith Lynott 9.14m; 3. Saoirse McWeeney 7.59m

U16: 100m: 1. Sophie McCabe Carrick; 2. Alannah Witherow North Leitrim; 3. Catherine Hill North Leitrim; Walks: 1 Sara O'Beirne North Leitrim; Long Jump: 1. Alannah Witherow 4.23m; 2. Catherine Hill 2.93m; 3. Sara O’Beirne 2.65m; Shot: 1. Helen Verachtert North Leitrim, 2. Sara O’Beirne 7.06m; 3. Alannah Witherow 6.77m; Javelin: 1. Helen Verachtert 22.27m; 2. Sara O’Beirne 18.04m; Relay: North Leitrim

Over 16: 100m: 1. Alannah McGuinness Carrick; Hurdles: 1. Ella McDaid North Leitrim;  1500m: 1 Sarah Brady (North Leitrim); Shot: Lara Mulvaney-Kelly North Leitrim 8.26m; Javelin: 1. Lara Mulvaney-Kelly North Leitrim AC 26.43m


U9: 1. Conal Walpole Mohill; 2. Killian Nolan Drumshanbo, 3. Senan Gleeson Ballinamore; 300m: 1. Conal Walpole; 2. Killian Nolan; 3. Senan Glesson; Long Jump: 1. Conor McGowan Drumshanbo 2.20m; 2. Killian Nolan 2.16m; 3. Conal Walpole 2.13m

U10: 1. Scott Williams North Leitrim; 2. Shane Murtagh Carrick; 3. Senan Lee Drumshanbo; 500m: 1. Scott Williams; 2. Senan Lee; 3. Conor McCabe Drumshanbo; Long Jump: 1. Scott Williams 3.44m, 2. James Faughnan Carrick 3.13m; 3. Senan Lee 2.67m; Relay: 1. Carrick; 2. Drumshanbo; 3. North Leitrim

U11: 1. Hugh McGovern; 2. Caoimhin O’Sullivan; 3. Michael O’Grady (all Carrick); 600m: 1. Hugh McGovern; 2. Caoimhin O’Sullivan; 3. Keefe Dolan North Leitrim; Long Jump: 1. Fintan Brennan North Leitrim 2.89m; 2 Keefe Dolan 2.88m; 3. Caoimhin O’Sullivan 2.83m; Relay: 1. Carrick; 2. North Leitrim; 3. Carrick

U12: 1. Mark Haslette North Leitrim; 2. Luke Charles Carrick; 3. Daire McCabe Drumshanbo; Hurdles: 1. Mark Haslette; 600m: 1. Mark Haslette; 2. Riaghan Guckian Carrick; 3. Niall Ahern Ballinamore; Long Jump: 1. Alex Oates Carrick 3.19m; 2. Mark Nolan Drumshanbo 2.99m; 3. Frankie McManus Mohill AC 2.95m; Shot: 1 Mark Haslette 7.67m; 2. Donnacha Fahey North Leitrim 5.52m; 3. Brendan McKiernan Carrick 4.30m; Turbo Javelin: 1. Mark Haslette 20.30m; 2. Senan McGowan 15.66m; 3. John Macklin Mohill 12.38m; Relay: 1. Carrick; 2. Drumshanbo; 3 Mohill

U13: 1. Luke Fitzmaurice North Leitrim; 2. Eoin O’Reilly Mohill; 3. Mark Taheny Carrick; 600m: 1. Cathal Enright Carrick; 2. Mark Ahern Ballinamore; 3. Aodh Gavin Carrick; Walk: 1. Luke Fitzmaurice; 2. Alan O’Beirne North Leitrim; 3. Setanta Gleeson Mohill; Long Jump: 1. Alan O’Beirne 3.07m; 2 Eoin O’Reilly 2.94m; 3. Luke Fitzmaurice 2.88m; Shot: 1 Alan O’Beirne 6.69m, 2. Luke Fitzmaurice 6.39m, 3. Josh McWeeney Drumshanbo 4.99m; Javelin: 1. Luke Fitzmaurice 19.66m; 2. Alan O’Beirne 16.24m; 3. Eoin O’Reilly 13.45m; Relay: 1. Carrick; 2. Drumshanbo

U14: 1. Didar Dilzar Carrick; 2. Fionn Gilrane Drumshanbo; 3. Darragh Lee Drumshanbo; 800m: 1. Darragh Lee; 2. Matthew Lee Ballinamore; Long Jump: 1. Fionn Gilrane Drumshanbo 3.70m; 2. Didar Dilzar Carrick 3.49m; 3. Oz Johnson Collins Drumshanbo 2.98m; Shot: 1  Dean Williams North Leitrim 8.48m, 2. Darragh Lee 6.79m; 3. Fionn Gilrane 5.93m; Javelin: 1. Didar Dilzar 14.95m; Relay: 1. Drumshanbo

U16: 1. Toyosi Fagbo Carrick; 2. Sean Giblin North Leitrim; 3. Finn Verachtert North Leitrim; 800m: 1. Sean Giblin; Walk: 1 Edward Mitchell North Leitrim; Shot: 1  Finn Verachtert 5.56m; 2. Edward Mitchell 5.48m; Javelin: 1. Edward Mitchell 19.72m; 2. Finn Verachtert 16.75m

Over 16: 1. Diarmuid Giblin; 3. Eugene Doherty; 3. Aaron Bradshaw (all North Leitrim); Hurdles: 1. Aaron Bradshaw, 2. Darragh Mitchell North Leitrim; 3. Eugene Doherty; 1500m: 1. Eugene Doherty; 2. Aaron Bradshaw; 3. Darragh Mitchell; Walk: 1 Darragh Mitchell; Long Jump: 1. Aaron Bradshaw; 2. Jack Keenehan Carrick 5.31m; 3. Eugene Doherty 4.67m; Shot: 1. Cormac Fahey North Leitrim 10.20m, 2. Aaron Bradshaw 8.77m; 3. Oisin Carolan North Leitrim 7.54m; Javelin: 1. Daniel Bosquette Carrick 35.13m; 2. Cormac Fahey 25.16m; 3. Aaron Bradshaw 25.06m

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