February 20-23

Gallery | Aughawillan Drama presents 'Anyone can rob a bank'

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News Reporter

If you ever suspected that bank robbers were more bunglers than burglars, and you could do a better job yourself, just by putting your mind to it, you know how Badger feels at the start of this rapid-fire rambunctious comedy, penned by Tom Coffey.

But when the local bank actually does get robbed, using Badger's brilliant plan, and it is never clear exactly who carried out the deed, the confusion is leading Badger and his two friends closer and closer to being arrested by the sergeant.

A love triangle, a bemused wife, a dedicated boxer, a burping butcher, a scheming coffin maker, a smooth con-man, and a box of stolen money. What could possibly go wrong?

Aughawillan Drama are back on stage in 2020, with a mix of fresh faces and the experienced players from previous years making up the cast of this riotous farce delivered for your entertainment.

Donal Quinn steps on to the stage as Badger Grey and proceeds with his usual deadpan delivery this year as the director of operations in a hypothetical bank robbery.

Badger’s onstage shenanigans are classic comedy, with a mixture of farce and clever dialogue adding to the twists and turns of this production.

Emma Cronin is back again as Badger's wife, Sarah Grey, and perfectly portrays a distracted housewife with aplomb, who plays a key part in keeping Badger out of jail, and even plants stolen goods on demand.

Karen McGovern-Prior, with drama heritage in her veins, and by now an experienced part of the troupe, plays Badger's daughter Noreen Grey, who is interested in quite a few local characters, mainly the sergeant, but has her head turned by a tall handsome stranger.

Tony O'Shea is that stranger, telling tall tales from the outset, smart talking with the ladies, and taking advantage of every opportunity. Tony is played by experienced music hall serenader John O’Connell, from nearby Ballinamore and smooth as warm peanut butter in his brand new arrival on the Aughawillan stage.

The fast talking Mickey Grey has even faster hands, feverishly preparing to be Irish Boxing champion, as he packs a lifetime of training into just a few weeks. Stand well clear of Noel Kiernan as he steps into the heavy boots of Mickey Grey purveying this pugilistic role.

Windy O’Connell has the weakest stomach, with the strongest self preservation instinct you have ever seen in a small town butcher, who has a bit of land for sale, and yet is willing to pull the trigger to save his hide.

Swanlinbar’s Dessie McManus pulls out all the stops in his first foray across the Aughawillan boards as Windy, and with plenty of past experience treading the boards, he proves a professional and hilararious addition to the cast.

Sergeant Skelly is played by John McTeggart from nearby Templeport, who delivers a measured professional portrayal of a frustrated policeman, withoutenough cash in his pockets to keep the attentions of Noreen, and without enough rhythm in his soul to capture her mercenary heart with magical dance moves.

Jereen Grey owns the very first big box store in Ireland. Yes, Indeed he is a coffin maker, among other things. andJerome Quinn takes on the role with enthusiasm, cleverly capturing the essence of this semi-professional politician with sticky fingers in every available pie.

It's a comedy. It’s a farce. But most of all it's a great night’s entertainment in a small rural community hall, delivering a family friendly professional production by a dedicated team of volunteers.

Pick up your phone, pass along a text, and book your personal nights entertainment with Aughawillan Drama Groups 2020 production of ‘Anyone can Rob a Bank'.

Ticket only - booking Michelle 087-6486804.
Curtain 8.30 sharp. Book early to avoid disappointment.
Dates: Thursday, February 20, Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23.