Escapism starts at home with Body Shop

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September can be a stressful month, the Summer is officially over, kids are back to school and routine has returned.

September can be a stressful month, the Summer is officially over, kids are back to school and routine has returned.

The evenings will continue to get darker, but instead of slipping into Winter blues why not turn your bathroom into a ‘spathroom’ and indulge yourself with The Body Shop Spa of the World.

The Body Shop brings the most treasured ancient beauty rituals from the four corners of the globe, in its new body care range. From purifying and firming clays, sensorial and luxury oils, refining natural scrubs and decadent creams, this range has to be seen, smelled and experienced to be believed.

No longer are Body Shop products captured in plastic bright bottles, this range is sophisticated, they have old world charm and they are seductive, while the potions transport you to far flung places around the world.

Pampering your body does not need to be a treat for special occasions, it is important to reconnect the body and mind at least once a week to help relieve daily stresses. One of the good things about Winter is the return of the bath (don’t mention water charges!), light some candles, play your favourite music, read a book and have your towel warming on the radiator and just drift away with sensual scents and exotic images.

Some of the exciting new products includes African Ximenia Scrub (€30.50) which softens, exfoliates and exudes negative ions.

Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath (€23.95) is a relaxing powder to milk bath - breathe in the relaxing scent and bath like Cleopatra.

Lavender = relaxation, The Body Shop’s french Lavender Massage Oil (€23.95) soothes the body and mind.

Moisturise with Japanese Camellia Cream (€39) which gives your body a velvet smooth cream that leaves your skin silky soft and subtly fragranced.

Time dedicated to exfoliating, cleansing and massaging results in energy and balance as well as mind rejuvenation.

The Dead Sea Salt Scrub (€34) will transform your skin and give your body the ultimate wake up call.

Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay (€27.50) is a clay that has been used by Moroccans for the last millenia to treat skin conditions. The mineral rich clay firms and tightens skin.

Nine effective plant oils are blended to create Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil (€23.95) which when massaged and placed on pressure points gives an revitalised and uplifting feeling.

Hawaiian Kukui Cream (€24.50) includes Kukui seed oil rich in fatty acids, vitamins and linoleic acid making it the ultimate oil for nurturing, smooth and moisturising the driest of skins.

The Spa of the World Range will be in stockists from this month on.