Leitrim story to feature in new ‘Afterlife’ book

A Leitrim story about a wedding ring will feature in Audrey Healy’s new book ‘Afterlife’ which launches on October 23 in Longford County Library.

A Leitrim story about a wedding ring will feature in Audrey Healy’s new book ‘Afterlife’ which launches on October 23 in Longford County Library.

Irish Times Journalist Patsy McGarry will launch the seventh book by Rooskey author Audrey Healy. ‘Afterlife’, focuses on those who of us who have lost loved ones and still feel their presence in a sense and features testimonies from people all over Ireland and further afield who share their very real and graphic experiences on the issue with the midlands author.

Audrey speaks to a number of independent experts on this decisive subject for this project including a psychic medium and healer who serves on the Board of Advisors of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS), a Life Coach Coach and Spiritual Director, a Psychotherapist, Spiritual Consultants, a Bereavement Counsellor and a Historian who took a PHD in the Supernatural to get their opinions on this fascinating subject which seems to generate interest all over the globe.

In this, her second book on this fascinating subject, a follow on from ‘Contacted’ which was compiled with author Don Mullan, (published in 2005) Audrey explains, “I did not set out to prove or disprove the afterlife theory. I am simply providing a forum for people to share their own experiences before presenting them to the public who can then make up their own minds.”

One of the stories feature from Leitrim is entitled ‘The Wedding Ring’ it relates to a monther who passed away almost 20 years unexpectedly after routine surgery.

“When I collected my mother’s personal belongings from the hospital I noticed that her wedding ring was missing. I was absolutely devastated that the ring was missing.

“I prayed really hard and did novenas that I might get word from the hospital that the ring had been found but all to no avail.

“Towards the end of September I purchased a Halloween brac in my local supermarket. When cutting the brac I found, wrapped in a piece of paper, an announcement that I had won a gold ring. All I had to do was send the paper back to the bakery complete with my details.

“About a week later my ring was delivered. As I opened up the box and peeled away the tissue paper layer by layer, I could scarley believe my eyes! There nestling in the box lay the exact replica of my mother’s ring! With my heart racing I took the ring from the box and slipped it on my finger.

“A feeling of sheer joy washed all over me. I knew in my heart that my mother had sent me a message to reassure me.

“I believe that she was aware of my deep upset at not having her ring, that she sent me an exact replica of it so that I would be aware that she was continuing to look after me and all the family.”