Emerging art at Solas Gallery

Art by Rosaleen Lynch
This Friday, March 14 will see the opening of the annual exhibition for emerging artists at the Solas Gallery in Ballinamore.

This Friday, March 14 will see the opening of the annual exhibition for emerging artists at the Solas Gallery in Ballinamore.

This year there are five artists exhibiting, each with their own unique style and from widely different parts of the Country. They are David Batreau; Anne Blanc; Rosaleen Lynch; Carmel Rudden and Helen Wenham.

David Batreau is originally from France and is currently living in Youghal, Cork. A poet and playwright, always fascinated by photography but penniless, he was recently lent a small camera and he started exploring the pictorial potential of places he could reach. These images, mainly in black and white, unedited for want of a computer or internet access take us to places we might pass each day in any town and poses the question “am I the only one who sees this?”

Anne Blanc lives in Sligo, she classes herself as a “photo realism painter” having an inspirational passion for painting animals and portraits, whilst also enjoying capturing the texture and tones offered by the land and seascapes. In a still life her capturing of the soft gleam of a pewter coffee pot contrasting with the shine of a rosy apple shows her ability with oil paints, truly “photo realism”.

Rosaleen Lynch is from just outside Carrick-on-Shannon. From a young age she always had an interest in drawing and painting, influenced by her father, an accomplished artist. As with so many artists, life and rearing a family occupied her time until taking it up again in recent years. Rosaleen finds painting relaxing and satisfying, bringing her to another place “time out in another place”. Carmel Rudden is from Newbliss in Co. Monaghan. Here we have a more contemporary style, bold splashes of colour, focusing on elements from organic and manmade objects. As one observes the work, forms take a shape, some split as if looking through a window. Carmel explores colour which clashes, bounces and gels harmoniously giving each object a sense of being.

Helen Wenham also lives in Monaghan, near Carrickmacross. Her work is influenced by nature and gardening, visits to her Grandparents in Yorkshire, regimental rows of vegetables, garden shed with strings of onions and well used tools. Sea and landscapes as well as amazingly expressive cows are included in her exhibition. Some recent paintings are of flowers that she has grown, fascinated how a tiny seed can contain so much information to produce such beauty, a beauty that she captures with a magical softness.

Emerge will open at 7.30pm this Friday at the Solas Gallery, Ballinamore. It will be opened by well known artist Louis McLoughlin. The exhibition lasts until 5th April, contact Gail or Ben, 071 9644210, info@solasart.ie; look at the website www.solasart.ie or become a friend on facebook.