Five Leitrim youth movies produced and screened this year

Last month students of Action School of Film celebrated at a premiere of films made on Summer courses.

Last month students of Action School of Film celebrated at a premiere of films made on Summer courses.

Leitrim students joined with those from Sligo and Donegal for the regional screening in the Model Cinema in Sligo to watch thirteen short films which were devised, developed and produced by the youths.

Over 120 students, family members and friends attended the special event and enjoyed a variety of films which included comedy films, horror, animation, documentary and drama.

Representing Leitrim were 19 young people who had taken part in courses in Carrick-on-Shannon in July.

The students of the ‘Zoom’ course, all aged between 10-12, showcased the three films produced by the group. ‘George’s Revenge’ is a stop-motion animation.

After being hit by a car, George discovers that he has something cool that will stop school bullies from taunting him. ‘Don’t Drink the Water’, a live-action film made by the Zoom group, is a zombie tale with more than a hint of comedy.

The third of the films, ‘Let’s talk about movies’ is a short documentary featuring interviews with the students and Action School of Film staff members, discussing the most important things about movies and cheesecake.

The ‘Focus’ course, students aged 13-16, produced two short films. The first, a training film entitled ‘Repulsive’ advertises a deodorant that may come in handy when you want to be left alone, but what happens when someone has a blocked nose?

‘Seen not Heard’ is the main film produced by the group. It is a horror film that follows a group of teenagers as they investigate an old building rumoured to be the home of past atrocities. The students wanted to create a story which questions the horrors of religious institutions and the silence of victimised children.

The Leitrim films were among a total of 28 short films made by youths on Action School of Film courses throughout the West, North West and Midlands this Summer, which will all screen at regional premieres. Selected films will be entered into youth film festivals over the coming year, providing a national platform for the future filmmakers and film enthusiasts.