Bring contour to the next level with Cocoa Brown

Bring contour to the next level with Cocoa Brown
By Fiona Heavey @Leitrimtoday

Do you love to contour but hate the time and effort it takes every morning?

Well Cocoa Brown' Marissa Carter has set the world crazy with her 'Tontouring' tutorial.

Within hours, Marissa’s Tontouring tutorial using Cocoa Brown Tan to contour her face spread like wildfire as beauty enthusiasts all over the world jumped on the new long lasting contouring technique.

While many of us would say we don't have the time contour daily, this technique is quick and easy and lasts for days!

On the back of it's success, Cocoa Brown has released it's own Tontouring Kit so you can DIY the technique too.

The new Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Tontouring Brush Set is a brush duo specifically designed for the perfect application of Cocoa Brown Tan and Golden Goddess Oil to create a contoured look on both face and body.

So how does it work, well here is your guide to Tonouring:

1. Use T1 (or a similar sized brush) to apply either 1 HOUR TAN or Gentle Bronze from Cocoa Brown to your face as a base.

2. Then use T2 brush (or similar sized brush) and apply a second layer of tan

across the top of your forehead and under your

cheekbones for a contoured effect.

3. The T1 brush can also be used to blend tan perfectly on your hands.

4. Rinse after a couple of hours or leave it on your skin overnight to develop.

The NEW Cocoa Brown By Marissa Carter Tontouring Brush Set is RRP €13 and available in pharmacies nationwide in Ireland from today.

If you want to add some highlight to your face and body, the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Rose Gold Goddess Oil is just €11.95 and has a celebrity following.

This product adds an illuminating glow to enhance your Cocoa Brown Tan.

It creates a silky smooth finish with an added subtle shimmer and pinky hue.

Perfect to highlight your best features and create an overall glowing complexion.

Use the Rose Gold Goddess Oil on any body part you would like to highlight and brighten; on your cheekbones, collarbones and down the front of your shins.

Event if you don't wear tan this can be used alone for a hint of luminosity and a sheen, brightening finish to your skin. The limited edition rose gold twist on the best-selling beauty buy Golden Goddess Oil, was inspired by the current beauty obsessions and fashion trends taking over the industry.