Tea Tree products to keep blemishes at bay

Tea Tree products to keep blemishes at bay

Those pesky spots always appear when you have somewhere to go don't they?!

There is nothing worse than a blemish (or several) appearing before a special occasion or event.

The Body Shop have a kickass range of Tea Tree products to keep any blemish at bay. They use 100% organic tea tree oil to create a skin superhero squad.

Their Tea Tree Anti Perfection Daily Solution (€19.95) is a lightweight fast-absorbing serum to keep skin clearer, smoother and looking healthier.

The Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash.Scrub.Mask (€18.50) is a superb multitasking product that’s a daily wash to purify skin, a scrub to tighten pores and smooth skin and a mask to deep cleanse and mattify the skins appearance.

And the iconic Tea Tree Oil (€11.50) can be applied directly to blemishes for instant relief.

These three help keep spots a bay so you can worry about something else popping up unexpected!