The Safe Festival Code

Festival Tent
The Essentials

The Essentials

Contact: A phone along with a charger for camping is essential for keeping in touch with friends and home. Think of downgrading for the occasion as the theft of smart phones is on the increase.

Cash: Split your cash and zip it securely into three or four different pockets on your person.

No bling: Wear cheap jewellery if you like, but leave the obvious valuables at home.

Drink: Don’t accept a drink or any stimulant from someone you don’t know and do not leave drinks unattended. Remember to eat and drink water regularly. A serious alcohol splurge in the first few hours could wipe out the entire weekend’s fun, so pace yourself!

Stay close: Try to keep with your group of friends, never leave anyone alone, particularly if they are under the influence or unwell. There is safety in numbers, agree a meeting point for fixed times of the day , incase you do get split up.

Trouble: Do not intervene in a problem unless absolutely essential for someone’s safety. Alert security immediately if there is any trouble.

Travel: Plan how you are getting there and more importantly know how you are getting home. Get there early to avoid the last minute rush. If camping pitch somewhere well lit near other people.

Health kit: A basic health kit could include paracetamol, antacids, bite spray, sun cream, wipes and toilet roll!

Weather: Plan for all weathers, bring rain gear, wellies, sun scream, shades and a hat.

Relax: Go with the flow, and if you step on anyone’s toes, apologise and smile!

Enjoy: Soak in the atmosphere and dance!