Evening to discuss action plan for Ballinamore

Leitrim Observer reporter


Leitrim Observer reporter




An open letter has been sent to the residents of Ballinamore and the surrounding areas inviting them to an open evening of discussion to look at a priority action plan for the area. The event is taking place on Monday, February 19 at 8pm in the Commercial Hotel.

The letter is as follows:

Dear resident of Ballinamore and local area
We wish to invite you to an open evening of discussion about Ballinamore to take place on Monday 19th February Commercial Hotel Ballinamore 8pm. Interested individuals as well as groups are welcome and we especially would like to hear from new people in the area or those who might not have had this opportunity before.

Our hope is that as many people as possible will turn out and that we can discuss what priorities need tackling in our community. There will then be a process following that whereby key actions capable of implementation will be identified.

What gets discussed depends on who turns up. So, it is possible we could discuss a wide range of issues e.g. young families and facilities, social care, tourism, walkways, education, sport, micro-business, transport, heritage and so on. The topic depends on you!

The evening of discussion will be facilitated by Liam Scollan who is a facilitator of community and business development, former CEO of Knock Airport and of the Western Development Commission and a strong advocate for development in the region. Liam works in a way that allows everyone to have their voice on the night and to have an open and balanced discussion through break-out groups and other means.

The aim is to arrive at a set of proposals for action by the local community and will also be used to enlist the support of outside development agencies in economic and social spheres.

The meeting is organised by Ballinamore Area Community Council, Ballinamore Development Company and various other voluntary community groups in Ballinamore and supported by Leitrim County Council.