Amazing experiences for teens in Foróige clubs

Aughnasheelin: Leitrim's newest Foróige club has already achieved so much in 2019

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Amazing experiences for teens in Foróige clubs

Aughnasheelin members of Foróige in Co Mayo

Aughnasheelin is Leitrim's newest Foróige club, which started at Easter this year and already they have achieved so much!

The club has been involved with training events relating to Peace initiatives and have discussed conflict and the effects on teens in areas such as Gaza.
The team also participated in the first of their overnight adventures by staying in The Crib in Sligo at a purpose built Foróige facility in the heart of Sligo town.

Friday, September 13 was the start of their long weekend to Louisburg in Co Mayo, ten members and four adult volunteers stayed for the three days and two nights in the Pine Lodge Foróige resort as the members discussed their plans for the 2019/20 year ahead of the club returning later in the month.

The Aughnasheelin members met other volunteers and RYO Alan Judge as they climbed the 760m peak from the statue of St Patrick all the way to the beautiful panoramas of Clew Bay at the summit next to St Patrick's Chapel.

The route has three distinct phases, the steep section at the start is a steady pace and only steep in parts, the saddle is flat and quick to navigate while the cone to the summit is the most challenging element of the hike as the loose shale and rock often lead to slips and trips both up and down.

Members and volunteers made it to the summit and on the descent looked forward to the warm cosy glow in the Foróige house and the promised amazing curry the volunteers who regretted staying behind, but did it for the sake of great grub, had ready to dish out as soon as they team landed back.
The Dublin and Kerry All Ireland Final was on the TV for the evening before the members had a late lunch and relaxed with the views out to the Mayo wilderness offered from the sitting room

Hailey Moran, who turned 15 years old over the weekend said: “I will never forget this birthday as everyone made me feel so special over an amazing weekend.”
Shirley Sammon, one of the club leaders, said: “After this weekend our young people can be brought anywhere, I can’t wait for the next trip away, maybe not up a mountain though!”

Aughnasheelin Foróige is one of the many clubs in Leitrim and more are in development such as a return Fenagh.
The Regional Youth Officer Alan Judge is keen to engage with any community or volunteer that would like to discuss being part of the existing clubs or showcase the opportunities available for the members and the volunteers alike by creating a new club in their area.
If you would like to learn more about Foróige and about supporting your local club visit, or call Alan Judge (086) 0227986.

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