Irish Water to investigate water pressure issues in Ballinamore

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

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Irish Water are investigating reports of low water pressure in Ballinamore

Irish Water has confirmed that it is investigating reports or low pressure and water supply failure in the Ballinamore area.
Following queries by Cllr Caillian Ellis, a spokesperson for Irish Water issued a statement apologising to all customers affected and thanking them for their patience.
“Irish Water has been in contact with Leitrim County Council to investigate the low pressure/no water issues in the area,” said the statement.
“We understand that a number of the properties are situated at the highest elevation in the water supply area. When the Cogar pumping station is switched on these properties suffer low pressure/no water.
“Irish Water is undertaking a process to validate which options will resolve the low pressure/no water problems. When we completed these investigations we will be in a position to propose a solution which will be considered in the prioritisation for he the Leakage Reduction Programme.”
Cllr Ellis said that it was vital that works be carried out to address supply issues in Ballinamore.
He said it is clear there was a serious problem with pressure in the town and said he would continue to press Irish Water and Leitrim County Council to ensure that a solution is found as quickly as possible.