Leitrim County Council is paying €63,091 to private landlords for housing

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Cowen calls for NCT style testing for house rental sector

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It has been revealed that Leitrim County County Council is paying €63,091 on 15 dwellings leased by the local authority from private owners for social housing.
The figures were released following a question by Deputy Barry Cowen to the Minister for Housing; Planning and Local Government querying the number of SCHEP (Social Housing Current Expenditure Programme) tenancies in which properties are owned by private landlords in 2017, by local authority area and source; the cost of these tenancies in 2017.
Roscommon has the second lowest figures in the country with Roscommon County Council leasing 4 properties costing €24,000;
Longford County Council leases 92 properties costing €440,052;
Cavan County Council leases 16 properties costing €89,272;
Donegal County Council leases 180 properties costing €1,395,061;
Sligo County Council leases 40 properties costing €315,754.
In relation to the number of privately owned properties leased by Approved Housing Bodies there are none in Leitrim, Longford or Roscommon. Sligo leases 2, Cavan leases 12 while Donegal leases 80.