URGENT PRODUCT RECALL: ‘AmazonBasics’ branded Portable Power Banks

Lifestyle Reporter


Lifestyle Reporter

Recall notice issued for travel adaptors which pose fire and electrocution risk

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Amazon EU Sarl are carrying out a voluntary recall campaign for various models of its ‘AmazonBasics’branded portable power packs. Six different models of this product are affected by the recall (their Product ID numbers are outlined in Image 1 above and are observable on the back of the product).

Across Europe, multiple safety issues has been reported including instances of the appliance smoking, catching fire and/or exploding. Additionally, the product can exert battery acid which has the potential to cause chemical burns and injuries.

It is estimated that 148 units of this product has been sold onto the market in the Republic of Ireland. This product has only been sold online via the Amazon website 

What to do:
Amazon has endeavoured to contact every consumer directly, who has purchased this product. If you believe that you may have an affected product, you are strongly advised to stop using it immediately and reach out to Amazon through your online account. Amazon has committed to refund all affected consumers.

Safe Disposal:
Please do not return this product to Amazon by post or any other transportation service. Consumers are advised to dispose of the product safely at their local electronic waste facility. For more information on electronic/battery disposal, please visit https://www.weeeireland.ie/