An Post delivers bumper Christmas according to latest figures

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

An Post has just delivered its best and busiest Christmas season with parcel volumes hitting record levels.

Parcel traffic, driven by online shopping, set a tough challenge for the company and for retailers. Pre-Christmas estimates from both An Post and leading retailers were shattered with some retailers seeing increased online business up by as much as 70%.

At the height of the season An Post staff were delivering 100,000 plus parcels per day nationwide. Overall parcel volumes are up 50% on last year.

Sales of more traditional Christmas stamp booklets were up this year following a number of years of double digit decline, and international stamp sales increased on the back of new products and a new Christmas campaign. The campaign encouraged people to ‘Send Love’ to people at home or abroad at Christmas. Some 13m Christmas stamps were bought by customers in post offices and online.

An Post’s Mails and Parcels Managing Director Garrett Bridgeman says "Christmas business exceeded the expectations of many of our retail customers.  One major customer said they have never seen anything like the peak business generated by Irish shoppers.

"One large retailer alone sent in 22 parcels trucks in one day. We were expecting 4," he said.

An Post’s national parcels network has now swung straight into dealing with the next phase of the booming eCommerce trade with its AddressPal and ReturnsPal services dealing with post-Christmas and New Year sales and returns.